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Project Ideas in VB.Net for Final Semester Training

  • Speech comparison using neural networks VB.NET
  • Finger print based employee attendance system VB.NET / SQL/ Hardware
  • Distributed mobility management for target tracking in mobile sensor networks VB.NET
  • Efficient query processing in peer to-peer networks VB.NET / SQL
  • Character Recognition System VB.NET
  • Xml code editor with syntax checker and syntax coloring VB.NET
  • Efficient broadcasting in mobile ad hoc networks VB.NET
  • Intrusion Detection System / Firewall VB.NET
  • omation System with Mobile Automation through GSM VB.NET / Hardware
  • Desktop Payroll Application VB.NET / SQL
  • Voice/ Speech based Browser VB.NET
  • Steganography for audio, video, image VB.NET
  • Windows Desktop Search VB.NET Network Health/Node monitoring [Six Sigma Implementation] VB.NET / SQL
  • Secured Software & Authentication VB.NET
  • Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography VB.NET
  • File protector with password protection and cryptography security VB.NET
  • Implementation of Digital image processing techniques VB.NET
  • Perceptual color correction through Variational techniques VB.NET
  • Distributed database architecture VB.NET / SQL
  • Measuring the quality of software modularization VB.NET / SQL
  • TorrEx – a Bit Torrent Client VB.NET

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