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Online Introduction to javascript

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used within a web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) to create truly interactive web applications.

It is currently the most widely used programming language on the web 92% of all websites use JavaScript). There has been such a recent influx of JavaScript talk on the web today that it is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to get started in the world of web programming and development.

If you a web design with no programming experience at all or a existing web developer who just has not had the time to get into client-side scripting, this class will allow you get up to speed on how JavaScript can quietly be used with HTML and CSS to really make your pages standout.

Today’s JavaScript is not about opening popup windows, browser detection, mouse-rollovers and the like, but is understanding how to allow your content layer (“HTML”) and presentation layer (“CSS”) to work seamlessly and unobtrusively with your behavior layer (“JavaScript”).

Also, students will learn that it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel with JavaScript and knowing how and when to harness the power of the mighty JavaScript library. These are code frameworks built in JavaScript to quickly expand your codebase of skills without writing hundreds of lines of code.

Applicable Job Roles: web designer, UI web developer, webmaster, web application developers


 Week 1: The Grammar of JavaScrtript

  • Adding JavaScript to a web page
  • Variables and Strings
  • Creating and using Arrays

 Week 2: Logic and Control to Your Programs

  • Conditional Statements
  • Using Loops for Repetitive tasks
  • Combing Loops and Arrays

 Week 3: Debugging Our Scripts

  • Browser Debugging Tools
  • Firebug

 Week 4: Objects

  • What is an object?
  • Built-in Objects: Data, Math and Number
  • Working with images
  • Handling events

 Week 5: Understanding the DOM

  • Referencing HTML elements
  • Adding Content to a Page

 Week 6: Introduction to JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

  • Overview of using jQuery, Moderizer and MooTools
  • Maps: Google Maps API

 Week 7: Tips and Tricks

  • Creating custom objects
  • Performance tips
  • Keeping your scripts clean

Students should be very knowledgeable in XHTML and CSS. Students are recommended to have completed Introduction to XHTML (H401) and Introduction to CSS (H151) or have equivalent knowledge.


A modern browser: Firefox for Windows or Mac (required for debugging).
A web host to post assignments.