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Offline Search Engine Optimization

Applicable Job Roles: web designers (and those learning to be), website copywriters, programmers and IT staff, web project managers, marketing professionals, and small business owners managing their own websites

 Week 1: Introduction to SEO and Examining the Competition

  • SEO 101 – The Basics
  • Developing an SEO plan
  • Studying your competition

 Week 2: Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

  • Steps to creating top ranking pages
  • Important on- the- page SEO elements
  • Keyword selection and relevancy

 Week 3: Understanding Links

  • Critical link elements
  • Evaluating link quality
  • Link building tools

 Week 4: Quality Link Building Activities

  • Specific link building strategies
  • A link building planner
  • Content marketing

 Week 5: Getting into the Major Engines

  • Design hindrances, avoiding penalties, algorithmic updates
  • Fully utilizing SE Webmaster Tools
  • Suggestions for site architecture and the 301

 Week 6: SEO success and the future of search

  • More SEO tools and measuring success
  • The future of search
  • Pulling it all together
  • This course requires a general familiarity of the Internet, with 1 year of experience on the Web recommended. While not required, students who have had courses in web technologies, HTML and programming related to web page design will find it useful.
  • eBook SubscriptioneBook and SearchEngineNews “Basic News” Subscription: Students will need to obtain a subscription to the “Basic News” plan through SearchEngineNews.com for at least 5 weeks at $12 cost. (By by doing a $1 week trial at the start of the course and one month’s membership for $12 it will carry you through week 5 of class, when you can cancel it or choose to continue.) Your subscription to SearchEngineNews.com is designed to teach you the latest SEO happenings.
  • For the course we’ll supplementing course lectures and materials with readings from ‘The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars’, a eBook from Planet Ocean Communications. This acclaimed book is downloadable with your SearchEngineNews.com membership.
  • There will also be extensive references in the course through week 5 to online resources within SearchEngineNews.com that are available to subscribers, as well as to other sources for notable articles, checklists and SEO tools.

  • Additional instructions and a link for the SearchEngineNews membership, which gives you access to the downloadable eBook, are available in the classroom prior to the start of the class.


Additional information:
Your place in the course is confirmed by your payment. Introductory courses are intended for students with no experience in the subject matter and are seeking beginner level training.