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Introduction to XML

Introduction to XML
Programming systems these days are working on many different machines and using many different technologies and programming languages. XML is a modern effort employed to allow communication between all these different systems.In Introduction to XML course we will cover XML syntax and the most important XML concepts: well-formed and valid XML, DTD, displaying XML with CSS, Namespaces.
Applicable Job Roles: web programmers, and web application developers.


 Week 1 - What is XML?

  • Introduction to XML
  • Short history of markup languages
  • How does XML differ from HTML?
  • How XML can be used?
  • Getting your tools ready: XML browsers
  • Well-formed XML document
  • What is a well-formed XML document?
  • XML declaration
  • XML elements
  • XML attributes
  • General XML syntax

 Week 2 - Valid XML document

  • Introduction to DTD – Document Type Definition.
  • What is a valid XML document?
  • Document Type Declaration
  • Element declarations
  • The internal DTD
  • The external DTD

 Week 3 - XML Attributes

  • What is an attribute?
  • Attribute declaration
  • Attribute types
  • Attribute defaults
  • Enumerated attributes
  • Attributes and CSS

 Week 4 - XML Entities

  • General entities
  • Parameter entities
  • Character entities
  • Entity declaration
  • Entity reference
  • Escaping data chunks

 Week 5 - Displaying XML documents

  • HTML versus XML
  • Introduction to CSS – Cascading Style Sheets CSS 1, CSS 2

 Week 6 - XML Namespaces

  • What is an XML namespace?
  • Namespace syntax
  • Declaring namespaces
  • Attributes and namespaces

This course is designed for students proficient in HTML. No previous programming experience is required.


IE5+ browser installed and running on your computer. MAC users must have OSX or newer or access to an XML enabled server.