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Visual Basic.NET Class Room

Introduction to Visual Basic.NET

This course provides an introduction to designing and developing Windows-based applications using Visual Basic.NET. This course covers fundamental concepts in Visual Basic.NET apart from the Graphical User Interface (GUI) features of Visual Basic.NET.After completion of this course students will be able to create basic Windows-based applications using Visual Studio IDE.Applicable Job Roles:software programmer, software developer, and application developer.


 Week 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to .NET Framework 4.0
  • Installing and Exploring Visual Studio 2010
  • Overview of Visual Studio IDE

 Week 2: Fundamental Concepts

  • Introduction to Visual Basic Windows-based Applications
  • Variables and Data types
  • Operators

 Week 3: Control Statements

  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops

 Week 4: GUI Features with Windows Forms - I

  • Event Handling
  • Introduction to different controls: Labels, TextBoxes and Buttons

 Week 5: GUI Features with Windows Forms - II

  • Introduction to different controls: CheckBoxes, RadioButtons, PictureBoxes
  • Mouse and Keyboard Event Handling