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Adobe Dreamweaver Training

Applicable Job Roles: web designers, webmasters, web programmers, and web application developers.


 Week 1 - Dreamweaver Basics

  • The Dreamweaver Interface
  • Setting Up a Site in Dreamweaver
  • FTP with Dreamweaver
  • Creating Links
  • Inserting Text
  • Inserting Images

 Week 2 - Text Formatting with Cascading Style Sheets

  • What are Cascadeing Style Sheets
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets to Style Your Page
  • Creating CSS rules in Dreamweaver
  • Formatting Text with CSS
  • Using CSS Selectors
  • Embedding Style Sheets
  • Attaching External Style Sheets

 Week 3 - Using CSS to Layout a Page

  • The CSS Box Model
  • Using div’s and ID selectors for your layout
  • Positioning with CSS
  • Adding columns
  • Using margins, padding and borders

 Week 4 - Tables

  • Inserting and Styling Tables
  • Importing Table Data
  • Styling Tables with CSS
  • Sorting Data in Tables

 Bonus Week - Dreamweaver Site Management Tools

  • Working efficiently in Dreamweaver
  • Creating site reports
  • Checking Links
  • Browser compatibility check
  • The CSS Advisor